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Just Keep Swimming

If you have ever watched the Disney movie, Finding Nemo, you know the line Dory keeps repeating, “Just Keep Swimming”. For some reason, my mom feel in love with this short motivational phrase. She used it as a reminder to “Just Keep Swimming,” during her fight against Breast Cancer.

The reason this popped in my head this morning is because, one thing that makes me happy is drinking out of my Mom’s breast cancer Longaberger Horizon of Hope coffee cup! I had it sitting right next to my water cup that one of my best friends from college gave me. Which says, “Just Keep Swimming”.

It’s What You Do on the Bad Days

You’re going to have bad days, but it’s how and what gets you through bad days is important.

Is it alcohol, drugs, staying in bed, ignoring family members, criticizing everything going wrong in your life, and anything else doing more harm to you?

Or is it meditating, journaling, eating fresh fruit and vegetables, face-timing a friend, working out, getting ready for the day, getting outside for a walk, and doing small things that make you happy for the day and motivate you to have a fresh start tomorrow?

Are you Pessimistic or Optimistic?

Many of my friends would agree that I’m a pessimistic person. I’ve always been the glass is half empty type of person and point out what’s bad in life. I can be brutally honest, straight forward, and will speak what’s on my mind. They’ve called me out on it and I’ve realized how bad I react to things now. I want to blame it on my mom’s cancer and how bad things happen to good people. It sucks and I’ve seen sickness and death first hand. Many of my friends and other family members haven’t. I was only 14 when my mom passed away. Even though I kept getting up every day and lived my teenager life, the pessimism grew in me.

The image of my grandfather, my mom’s dad, pounding on the hospital wall saying “Why God? Why did you take her” flashes in my brain.

I often think the same thing. Why did God take my mom out of my life and others, at age 46? She was so young and I still had a lot to learn from her.

Just Keep Swimming…..

So, do you see where the pessimistic side of me came from? Now that I realize that, I’m working on having a more positive outlook in life. I’m starting to enjoy the things that make me happy that are motivating and non-toxic. Earlier this week I wrote a blog with goals for 2022 and my action steps to help me. Read more here.

If you’re struggling in life right now, may Dory’s words inspire you to Just Keep Swimming.

I even have a leather bracelet with the phrase engraved in it and wear it when I wake up having a bad day or when I want my mom close by to help me spiritually.

Thursday, January 6th, 2021

Today I am thankful for a warm house, being able to move my body, and seeing family during my cousin’s wrestling meet tonight!

Until tomorrow friends,


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