Rachel Hoy

About Me

Female Auctioneer, Farm Girl, Educator

I’m excited you found me! You are probably wondering why I chose these three words to describe myself. Yes – I’m a land auctioneer in a male dominant industry and I love being on our family farm raising cattle, but most importantly, I’m here to educate you on the land selling process.

Even though I’ve been around agriculture my whole life, your story might look different. Maybe you just inherited land from your relatives who were farmers but you have no idea how to drive a tractor let alone know how to sell the farm and that’s okay! Or maybe you have years of experience farming that beats me and are looking to retire and finally enjoy your investment in farmland but possibly need my help marketing and advertising your farm. Whatever the reason is of you being a landowner and looking at the option to sell – I’ll guide you along the journey and fill you in on secretes of selling land.

I can’t wait to hear your farm story! If you’d like to get to know me more – check out my blog or watch my videos!

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