Rachel Hoy

How to Sell the Family Farm with Siblings

This video covers how to go about selling inherited land with family members and handling tough conversations during the holidays.

Tips for Selling Land for Sale by Owner

I have a few tips and secrets that could potentially help you if you decide to sell your land on your own!

5 Benefits to Online Land Auctions

Selling the Farm Episode 8! Today I will be sharing 5 benefits that online land auctions can provide that live traditional auctions cannot.

5 Ways to Advertise Your Farm For Sale

Stuck on where you should market and advertise your farm for sale? In this video I will cover 5 different ways you can advertise your farm for free!

6 Secrets to Setting a Land Auction Reserve

Confused on how to set a reserve price for your auction? I'm spilling 5 secrets to setting an auction reserve that will help you!

Land Auctions versus Listings

Should you have an auction or listing? Let me help you decide! In this video I point out the key differences between auctions and listings.

What is my farm worth?

I create market analysis for those looking to sell for free and in this video I walk you through how to find the value of your farm with different websites!

Land Auction and Listing: Commission and Fees

How much does a land auction or listing cost? What are auctioneer commission and fees? How to choose and auctioneer to sell farmland.

5 Options for Selling Land

Thinking about selling the farm and don't know what option is the best for you? In this live video I will be covering the pro's and con's over 5 ways you can sell your land.

Get to Know Me – A Female Auctioneer!

I'm Rachel Hoy — a licensed real estate agent in Iowa and auctioneer! I specialize in farmland auctions and listings helping both sellers and buyers.